"I have a strong need to create that has been ever-present within me. I feel at my best when I have just completed a painting,
when every detail is how I imagine it or see it. The sense of accomplishment is very rewarding and brings peace and
gratification to me.






My vision is to appeal to the masses, whereas the anyone can look at my artwork and understand it with ease. My goal is to
offer a bit of serenity and peace to those viewing my artwork.



My technique for painting with acrylics is similar to that of a carpenter building a house. Starting with a plan in written words
and sketches, moving onto the materials and the building process, an under painting, a painting then onto the main parts
and finally the details. I tend to use strong, bold colors and strive to achieve depth and realism (viewed or felt) in my work.






I couldn’t imagine being unable to express myself without painting as it is a passion that drives me."

Krysta Kaye, as she is known resides in Boaz, Kentucky. Her style of work is contemporary realism.

©Krysta Kaye 2006